8 Steps to Finding the right Property

Deciding Where and What to Buy 

location | size | must haves | nice to have | trade offs

Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

understanding interest rates | partner with a trusted mortgage broker and or financial institution | know your budget

Choosing the Right REALTOR® 

confidential assistance | trusted | honest | loyal- works for you | diligent | no conflict of interest 

Become an Educated Buyer    

understand the market | check out listings on

Making an Educated Offer 

Realtor should have a comprehensive market analysis on the property | understand the offer process | offer presentation- offer review- negotiate!

Conditions, Home Inspections and Waivers

understand and review all conditions | follow up on the conditions- have a team of experts (inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc)

Preparing to Move

have down payment & closing costs ready | lawyer in place | movers & moving costs | insurance | change address | utilites

Move in – Congratulations! 

follow up with your Realtor- construction advice/referrals | communicating with the sells through your Realtor | relationship building for future partnerships

let Leonard take you through the process 

Develop your list of Needs & Wants

Need some help deciding on the area? Want more information on schools/amenities/best areas for you and your loved ones? You do not have to be alone in figuring all this out.

Pick your Team

Need a referral to a mortgage broker or financial institutions? Or a lawyer for closing? I work very closely with a reliable team of experts who are ready to give you a hand. 

Customized Listings

Now that we have a clear understanding of your needs and wants, you will receive emails of active listings within your desirable parameters. Scan through the listings, and we can discuss- which ones caught your eye and why? which ones are a definite NO and why? 

Let's do some Walking

I will walk with you through as many doors as you need to find the most perfect one. Your wants and needs list may be changing as we view each property. It is important to have open communication throughout this process so I will understand all your (potentially changing) needs, wants and other issues that may arise during this time. 

Offer Process

So you want to make an offer- great news! I will be managing the transaction for you. Starting with reviewing all recent comparables, market data & trends, and other factors that could affect the price of the property. Then I will prepare the Agreement of Purchase & Sale (APS)  document and go through and explain all the details, discuss conditions, closing dates, etc. The APS is a legally binding document. Once the offer has been submitted to the Seller's agent, there will be three out comes- the Seller's can accept your offer, reject it or they can counter your offer. 

Once Accepted 

Are there any conditions on your offer that we need to follow up on? I will be here to schedule any home inspections. Follow up and deliver the deposit? 

Conditions met? Deposit delivered.

The deal is now firm and you will take procession on the closing day but I will be following up with you on issues that may arise during this time. 

Open and Honest Communication

You will never be in the dark. Communication and discussing next steps is the bases of our relationship.  I will be here to facilitate the transaction from the start to the finish.